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PhytoMedx Milkweed Cream -Actinic Keratosis Formula


I am a 57 year old bald male with fair freckled skin and hazel eyes, a poster child for Solar Keratosis. My condition is small reoccurring lesions over my head and forehead. I have been seeing a dermatologist for several years and have tried all the remedies. On my last visit the doctor said that we just don’t seem to be making any progress. On my own I have tried apple vinegar, which seemed to work if you like to smell like a pickle and palm oil. A month ago I ordered Phytomedx milkweek cream to treat two 1 cm patches, I am very happy with the results. I would recommend this product and will be a repeat customer.
Date Added: 12/27/2013 by William stone
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